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Welcome to the Connecticut DREAM Act wiki, the resource hub for Connecticut activists committed to passing the state DREAM Act and Connecticut residents and legislators seeking information on the bill!

Here, you can find and share information, resources, and contacts regarding immigration, legislation, events, and activism.

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What is the Connecticut DREAM Act?Edit

The Connecticut DREAM Act is set of bills in the Connecticut General Assembly (H.B. 6390 and its closest legislative equivalent, S.B. 40) that seeks to follow the lead of nearly a dozen other states by offering a path to college and in-state tuition at Connecticut universities to undocumented Connecticut students, many of whom have lived here since childhood and know no home outside of Connecticut. By providing a way for undocumented students to further their education and raise their potential, the DREAM Act is a positive investment in our students and communities. For more information, see any of our articles listed above.

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